Dropkick Depression was founded by professional wrestler Terra Calaway in hopes of showing those who struggle with depression that they are not alone. A fighter and survivor of depression, Calaway opened up publicly about her fight to her friends and fans. Since that day she has made it her mission to help those in need, those who feel that they are alone. Dropkick Depression is not only an online forum where anyone can reach out for advice and help, but helps raise funds for worthy non-profit organizations bringing awareness to depression and suicide prevention. 


Since the creation, Dropkick Depression has grown from a one woman operation to a full movement in the professional wrestling community and beyond.


We are here. You are not alone. You have a voice.

As of August 12th 2019, Dropkick Depression has become Dropkick Depression, Inc. - A registered non-profit organization in the United States. 501c3 status is pending. 

You are not alone. 

What We Do

Mental Wellness Accessibility Fund

Funds will be taken from fundraised events/donations to help assist an applicant without access to mental health facilities, such as therapy or medication, in obtaining a minimum of 4-weeks of care. Applicants would submit their information and needed assistance through our website. 

Anti-Bullying/Young Adult Mental Health Program

Partnered with local elementary, middle, and high schools, we would present an anti-bullying/importance of self-care workshop to the school during a planned assembly or after school program. Professional wrestlers would accompany the presentation and a professional wrestling event can also be provided to help raise funds for the school. 

Professional Wrestling Events

Dropkick Depression will continue to present professional wrestling events in the future. These events will continue to be family-friendly events that would continue to help out the community (local charities, local fundraising) while also spreading the message of mental health awareness. 

Miscellaneous Projects

We will continue to host different fundraising projects, like the Angel Tree and homeless care packages we did back in 2018. These projects will be created as they come up in the community. These will be heavily community based and suggestions will always be welcomed. We will also be branching out to having our roster do charitable giving in groups, such as helping at a soup kitchen, donating time at childrens hospitals, etc. 

90% of your donation goes toward our programs

The Hard Truth




One in three children are affected by depression.

thirty two is the average age of those afected.

the tenth leading cause of death is suicide. 

it's not a mood. It's not a joke. 

it's life and death.

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