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Hi, I’m Audrey. I’m a 32 year-old wrestling fan/indy wrestler’s girlfriend from Staten Island, New York. When I’m not tagging along to shows all over the tri-state area, I’m working in veterinary medicine and lifting heavy things at the gym. Life is good, but depression and anxiety are constantly trying to get in the way. 

I’ve been fighting these illnesses for over half my life. A year ago this Spring, I hit bottom and suffice it to say, I’m lucky to be alive. What saved me is a combination of the right medications, intensive therapy, and building a support system by being honest and open about my struggles. 

Honesty and openness are exactly what I strive to bring to the table with my writing for Dropkick Depression – that and some kickass wrestling, of course! One thing I love about the wrestling world is the sense of family. No one has to fight their demons alone, and I will do my part to help lift others up by connecting wrestlers, fans, and anyone else in this unique community who wants to give or needs to receive a helping hand. 

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