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Wrestling is still pretty new to me. I’d spent 22 years of my life not really knowing anything about wrestling, even though I lived in Florida, about an hour away from Orlando. I’m only about a year in to watching wrestling, but it’s already a fantastic display of things I like. As a writer, I love to pick at storylines and character choices--and wrestling sure has some interesting ones. As someone who loves comic books and other nerdy things, it appeals to both the kind of action and over-the-top tropes that I enjoy and appeals to the desire for that comfy, cozy fandom family that you build in relation to the things you love. I’m also goth, so of course I eat up all the ridiculous outfits, the black magic, the demons, and all of that. I’m incredibly lucky that the people who introduced me to wrestling were also LGBT, too, since it meant I got to be exposed to wrestling where I can see myself--bisexual, non-binary, and loud about it--in the performers I’m watching. 

I’m Tomi, 23, use they/them pronouns, love purple and platypi, and I look forward to enjoying wrestling with you guys! 

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