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Quick Q&A With Dropkick Depression

We wanted to take some time to address some questions we've gotten about Dropkick Depression now that we're a non-profit.

Here's a thread for all the information we think will help you with your questions!

Q: What projects will my donation go to?

A: We have multiple programs set up to assist the community. A Mental Wellness Accessibility Fund, Wrestler Injury Assistance Fund, Anti-Bullying Mental Health Program, Professional Wrestling Events, and miscellaneous projects!

Q: How much of my donation goes to programs?

A: 90% of your donation goes toward our programs.

Donation Breakdown - 2018

Programs - 90%

Administrative - 5%

Resource Expenses & Supplies - 5%

If you donate $10, $9 goes to programs, .50 goes to our staff, and .50 to supplies!

Q: Can I find any of this information on your website?

A: Of course! Head on over to to see full details of our programs, financials, and staff members!

Q: Are you still going to have professional wrestling shows?

A: Of course! We're super excited that 2020 looks like it'll have even more shows than 2019! Information on those will be coming soon. Working on getting our schedule worked out as we speak!

Q: Can I work for Dropkick Depression?

A: We are always looking for volunteers to help make Dropkick Depression a better place. If you think you have a skill that could help us make the world a better place, please reach out to

Q: I want to host a show or other event to benefit Dropkick Depression, how do I do that?

A: Super simple really! You can reach out to us at!

Do you have any other questions? Reply to this thread and we'll be happy to assist!

We can't thank you enough for your love and support that has gotten us this far. Now we're here and ready to help the world!

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