Just a little thanks for all those that have helped dropkick depression to go from a small movement to a full blown non-profit organization.

Thank you Ed Tellier, Sawyer Herbine, Bryan Hughes, Jaxson Stone, Matt Smith, Brendan Lynch, Dustin Lamson, Mayydayy, Nicole Goller, and Anthony Lopez for your continued support on the Dropkick Depression Patreon. You are the foundation for what started this entire change into full non-profit status. 

Thank you to Ronnie, Sawyer, Christine Lawrence, and our little spitfire Amy for being the biggest supporters of the Dropkick Depression events. You are always a bright spot in the crowd and forever loved by management and roster. 

Thank you to Chad Minnes, Truman and Walt Cadmus, Caly, Colin West, Chad Burke, Louie Ramos, Josh Wells, and Dan and Heather Funkenstein for always being the best "staff" on a show a company could have. From the ring, music, to video, to running the door, to having to scream everyones names into a microphone. You guys make sure the show runs smooth and it's always so insanely appreciated. 

Thank you to Christina and Antoine for coming from so far to make sure that all our roster gets amazing shots and covering literally every second of each match with your amazing photography. Your talent is endless and we're so excited to have you with us. 

Thank you from me (the person typing this) to Jeff, Heather, and Faye for being the best support system someone could ever have. The three of you are the reason that Dropkick Depression stayed around and the reason that I feel like I can do it all. 

Thank you to the amazing owner, Fred, and the staff of our venue at the Knights of Columbus in Old Bridge for putting up with the insane amount of people that cram into your small building to have a good time. 

Thank you to every single wrestlers significant other that has come to the show early and asked if we needed help or offered to do something for the event. It's wonderful to welcome you to the Dropkick family. 

Thank you to every single person that has ever stepped into the ring and had a match for Dropkick Depression in it's early stages. Every single referee that has come to call it down the middle. Every single commentator to call the action. If there wasn't such an amazing group of people behind the company, there'd be no reason to continue. Your support, your care, your desire to be there and to help the world is what keeps the world turning for us and it's so appreciated. I would list you all, but with the battle royal and the tapings, there's too many of you to count! 

Thank you to all of my personal friends that have reached out or come to an event to cheer on the show. 

Thank you to Billy Avery, Mickie Knuckles, Kerry Awful, Angelus Layne, Aria Blake, P.T. Player, Prince Akkanatan, Thomas Brewington, C-Bunny, Jorel Diez, Kelly Klein, Lance Madewell, Daniel Yost, Kevin Gill, Bob Evans, Philip Barnnett, Meredith Bell-Guthrie, Billie-Ingrid Brighterrs, Nicole Follain-Grisell, Kyle Grissom, Ryan Nishan, Heather O'Connell, and Josh Strickland for being part of the wrestling books published by Dropkick Depression, Kicking Out at Two. 

Thank you to every single fan that has purchased a ticket to our events. Every single seat that has been taken is a step into our future and it's wonderful to have your love and support. 

Thank you to everyone that will support us in the future. 

This is the start of something great.

Thank you.